Movin' On
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Movin' On
Produced by:  J.C. Flyer

Recorded by Jody Salino at:
Spare Bedroom Studios
Castro Valley, CA
The Temple of Boom
San Leandro, CA

Using 3 Alesis ADAT XT multitrack digital tape recorders into 3 Yamaha 01V
digital soundboards to track.

Mixed by Jody Salino & J.C. Flyer at:
The Boiler Room
Yardley, PA

Transfer and Mixdown was done on a Macintosh Titanium G4 Powerbook 667
Mhz w/ 512mb RAM, running Mark of the Unicorn Digital Performer version
3, using a Mark of the Unicorn 828 firewire audio interface, a Mark of
the Unicorn Midi Time Piece AV USB synchronizer and a Glyph firewire
hard drive.  Speakers used during mix down are Meyers HD-1s.

Mastered by:
Paul Stubblebine
Paul Stubblebine Mastering
San Francisco, CA

Special Thanks to: Pete Soper

Cover Art &J.C. Flyer Logo:  Steve Johannsen
Steve Johannsen Illustration & Design
Saint Helens, OR

J.B.S. Records Logo:  Michael Dolgushkin
Hot Tomato Studios
Carmichael, CA

Photography:  Jay Blakesberg
Jay Blakesberg Photography
San Francisco, CA

Graphic Layout and Design: Robert Minkin
Minkin Design
Novato, CA


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