Movin' On
The Songs

Movin' On
The Songs:

1. Big Wheels (6:10)
2. Outlaws On The Run (4:43)
3. Alone With The Wind (6:08)
4. Long Hard Road (4:22)
5. Snowing In New England (3:54)
6. Drive All Night (5:26)
7. Thousand Trails (5:07)
8. California (5:02)
9. Memories Of You (3:22)
10. Red Light, Green Light (4:12)
11. The Ghost of K.C. Bishop (4:05)
12. Foreign Soil (4:23)
13. Back To You (3:58)
14. Towards The Sun (6:21)
15. Goin' Home (4:20)

           Bonus Track:
16. California (The Barraco Variation)  (5:04)

All Songs Written By J.C. Flyer
Published By Gypsyman 3 Music   (ASCAP)

J.C. Flyer:  Acoustic Guitars and Vocals
Jody Salino:  Acoustic and Electric Guitars
Ernest "Boom" Carter:  Drums
JohnE Sandwich:  Bass
Barry Sless:  Pedal Steel
Doug Budzak:  Organ, Accordion on "The Ghost of K.C. Bishop"
Chris Rowan:  Harmony Vocals
Lorin Rowan:  Harmony Vocals
Rob Barraco:  Piano on "Big Wheels,"  "Outlaws on the Run,"  "Thousand Trails," Drive All Night," Towards The Sun," "Goin' Home," and "California" (Alternate Version)
George Michalski:  Piano on "Long Hard Road," "Snowing In New England," "California," "Red Light, Green Light," "Back To You", Strings on "California".
John P. Murphy III:  Pedal Steel "Drive All Night"
Glenn Tucker:  Harmony Vocals "Big Wheels"
Barry Flast:  Keyboards "Long Hard Road"

The Songs

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