Updated:  February 3, 2023


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J.C. Flyer Rides Again !
(John Ford Point in Monument Valley, Utah)
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J.C. Flyer In Paris !
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J.C. Flyer In London !

Best Friends
Some of us go through life
never having a best friend
Some of us are blessed beyond belief
when we find one
When we were searching for the light
you brightened our hearts
When we needed your love
You gave it freely, without hesitation
Your long blond hair is blowing in the wind
While your body sways to the beat of the music
Love is Forever
J.C. & Miss Audrey

J.C. Flyer to Perform at the Terry Dolan Tribute at Slim's in SF on 5/13/2012

Click to see the video

J.C. Flyer & Friends Played 1/12/2012 @ Slim's in SF
(JC with Mark Karan, Pat Campbell, Greg Anton, Joli Valenti)
See The Video For "Towards The Sun" - Tribute To JC's song for John Cippolina

JC Flyer & Friends Played 12/3/2011 @ The Steve Block Memorial Boogie

Enjoying A Summer Day in 2011 ... J.C. Flyer Style

J.C. Flyer Performed at the Furthur Festival in 2010

With Larry Campbell, Teresa Williams & Barry Mitteroff

James Gurley RIP

J. C. Flyer Performed 7/12/2010 @ Guitars Not Guns

The Iron Springs Pub & Brewery is pouring J.C. Flyer IPA all summer as
the house IPA so come on down and get a taste. Here are a couple of bottles of this potent elixir.

Iron Springs Pub & Brewery Releases JC Flyer IPA

On Monday, May 26th (Memorial Day), the Iron Springs Pub & Brewery
is debuting their new IPA honoring me appropriately called JC Flyer IPA.

As a well known micro-brew aficionado and all around beer snob I've got to say

that they brewed a very hearty, and hoppy ale.  Just the way l Iike it.

 J. C. with Iron Springs owner and Gold Medal Winning Brewmaster Michael Altman.

I'm holding one of the first bottles of this fine elixir.
For more details click here

Martin Fierro ~ RIP

There's a hole in my heart today
And the sun is obscured by a cloudy haze

I know that the life that we live is a real short ride

Thanks Meester for all the good times that we had

And will have again when we meet up the road.....


Mary McCaslin - Bill Laymon - J.C. Flyer @
Bill Laymon Benefit
photo (c) Audrey Juanis

J.C. Flyer and crew before their show

at the Ashkenaz, December 30, 2006

For more photos from this show - click here

More Photos By Sue Weiand

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 Phil Lesh DVD Release Party


J.C. Flyer Played at Jerry Day 2006

More Photos Here

J.C. Flyer with Billy C. Farlow

More Photos By Bob Minkin Here:

Performs at Red Rocks Ampitheater with Phil Lesh

Photo (c) Larry Hulst
"More Photos Here"

J.C. Flyer Performed at the Jerry Garcia Amphitheater in San Francisco

Photo (C) 2005 Emily Harris "More Photos Here"

J.C. Flyer played on June 26th

"Rod Green Memorial Photos." click here..

J.C. Flyer and the cast of the Vassar Clements Benefit

Photo (c) Randi Mattson

JC FLYER at the Sweetwater
with the Rowan Brothers

Photo (c) Audrey Juanis

J.C. Flyer played the Shoreline Amphitheater  June 26, 2004
guest appearances included

Jimmy Herring and Phil Lesh who joined JC Flyer

playing the Robert Hunter/Bob Dylan song Silvio

To listen to Silvio click here

"View Photos of the Shoreline Show Here"

J.C. Flyer poster from the Shoreline Amphitheater

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