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JohnE Sandwich
JohnE Sandwich: Bass

JohnE hails from Southern California where he began his music career in the early 70’s performing with Kenny Rogers’ and The First Edition guitarist, Terry Williams.  With Williams’ guidance, JohnE began a residency working at ABC Studios in Burbank where he learned recording, engineering, and mastering.  When ABC Records was purchased by MCA, JohnE moved into MCA’s legal Dept handling the publishing and licensing for a large group of clients including: Charlie Sexton, Spirit, Canned Heat, Wishbone Ash, and Iron Butterfly.  In 1983, JohnE married radio promotions executive Val Starr and the two later moved to Pacifica, CA where they raised 2 children.  Sandwich continues gigging around the Bay Area with The Valerie Starr Band, and UV Rays.

I first met JohnE during a loose knit jam session at Ron Marcus’ house in Oakland.  His easy going nature, as well as an uncanny ability to know where the musical turns were without having heard the songs before, cemented our musical partnership.

JohnE and his wife Val Starr have recently moved to Sacramento, CA where Starr continues her career in music promotion.   Be sure to visit her website at

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