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Glenn Tucker
Glenn Tucker: Vocals

Glenn Tucker's earliest memories of music were listening with his older brother Bill to The Beatles on the radio performing at The Hollywood Bowl.  Bill and his friend started learning guitar and playing Beatles songs.  Since Bill and his friend Mark were playing John and Paul of the Beatles, Bill taught his younger brother Glenn to sing George's harmonies.  George's harmonies were the toughest usually and this taught Glenn to discover his harmony part at a young age.  Glenn began formal piano lessons later that year.

Glenn joined his first band as a bassist and over the next few years continued to play that part until 1980.  In 1980, while attending college at UC Santa Barbara, Glenn helped form the original band Found Objects.  Found Objects needed a drummer and Glenn had spent time playing drums on various recordings of his own music.  Glenn was also studying percussion at UC Santa Barbara where he would eventually graduate with a Bachelors Degree in Music Theory.  For the next several years Glenn played drums and also guitar in Found Objects, depending on the need.  Found Object eventually relocated to San Francisco in 1984.

It was in 1985 when I first met Glenn.  He invited me over to his rehearsal space at Capp Street Studios in the Mission where I first sat in on drums with the Found Objects and another band that he was involved in at the time, Third Wave. By this time, Glenn was playing mainly guitar so he naturally welcomed me to sit behind his drum kit.  It was here that I discovered that Glenn was an excellent songwriter, who knew his way around a 4-track literally recording dozens of his own songs, performing all of the instruments on them too.  This impressed me immediately.  Glenn was also drumming with The Blenders, an exciting horn fronted R& B band who performed regularly at such legendary Bay Area haunts as the Inn of The Beginning in Cotati, Uncle Charlie's in Corte Madera and The Chi Chi Club in San Francisco.  The Blenders also included original J.C. Flyer members, guitarist Jim Kalkman and bassist Eric Van Dorn.  By 1988, Glenn relocated to southern California to work in the airline industry and I took over the drummers spot in The Blenders with the road tested drum kit that Glenn passed on to me.

But the story doesn't end here.

Glenn returned to the Bay Area in 1990 just in time to join J.C. Flyer in varying roles - first as my bassist, then my mandolinist, and eventually as my drummer.  Around the same time he joined Midnight Sun from Contra Costa, and, two years later, Dog Named Blue out of Oakland, CA -- playing keyboards in both outfits. (A position that interestingly enough he hasn't played with me---yet.)   While Dog Named Blue played original material, the basis of their shows were playing the music of the Grateful Dead.  Dog Named Blue toured extensively until 1998 when band members moved to various locations on the west coast.

That same year Glenn relocated to Chico, Ca while continuing to sing harmony vocals for J.C. Flyer gigs.    While in Chico he performed with a variety of bands before settling in January of 2003 with the DeadBeats out of Nevada City.  Glenn's keyboard skills fit in well with the Grateful Dead influenced band. A NASCAR and YES band fanatic, Glenn has been known to travel the race car circuit from Sears Point to Daytona for some sure fire high speed action while listening to his favorite Prog- rock band.  When I think of Chico, CA,  I can think of only two things:  Sierra Nevada Beer and Glenn Tucker!  Two of the best!

One of Glenn's most remarkable assets is his ability to find a place musically in every situation that he finds himself in, including J.C. Flyer.  While the distance may have prevented mere mortals from a gig -not so Glenn. Glenn's enthusiasm for music and a good time is surely infectious and one of the hallmarks of our nearly 20-year friendship. Besides being a fantastic musician and vocalist, he is also my Webmaster, and this site is the fruit of his labors.  Thank you compadre!!

Glenn Tucker has been in many bands over the years, but one thing can certainly be said, and that is that Glenn Tucker will be a part of J.C. Flyer forever.

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